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Jonna Brown

Cell - (315)-414-8998
Office - (315)-363-9191
Home office - (315)-815-4178

Jonna Brown is the newest addition to the Kay Real Estate Team. After graduating from Oneida High School, Jonna went on to earn her degree in Restaurant Management. Jonna and her husband, Eric Brown, First Vice President in Wealth Advisory, moved to New Hampshire in the mid 90’s. While living there, Jonna gained experience as a General Manager within the restaurant industry. Upon her husband’s promotion, Jonna and Eric moved to Providence Rhode Island. It was there that her career developed into the sales industry. Jonna ran a cigar division for all of Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. She also worked at Copley-Fradin as a wine and spirit sales representative. Jonna and Eric decided to move back to their roots and moved to the Cazenovia area and have resided there since 2001. Jonna continued as a wine and spirit sales representative until deciding to start a family. Jonna and Eric have two boys, Nathan and Eric Michael. Jonna keeps her strong ties to the area through friends and family. She supports her community through her volunteer work with the PTA, St. James Church, Willow Bank Yacht Club and sports programs. Jonna is looking forward to her full time career as a Real Estate Agent and encourages you to reach out to her with all of your real estate needs.

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